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The best EV Chargers Innovations of 2023

EV chargers are and the different types available, including Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast chargers. Level 1 chargers use standard household outlets and take longer to charge a car, while Level 2 chargers require a dedicated circuit and provide faster charging rates. DC fast chargers use direct current and can charge in as little as 30 minutes. These items are crucial for EV owners who need to recharge their vehicles at home, work, or public charging stations.

Explore the Future of Solar with Top 10 EV Chargers 2023

Schneider EVlink Pro AC 22kW

1. Schneider EVlink Pro AC 22kW

High-efficiency smart chargers that support sustainable electric vehicles. They comply with international standard IEC 61851-1 and are manufactured by Schneider Electric, a leading manufacturer of electrical protection equipment. The EVlink Home series weatherproof and ensures stable charging quality in harsh weather conditions.
Legrand Charger AC wallbox

2. Legrand Charger AC wallbox 22 kW

The Legrand Charger 22kw is a high-quality charging device from France that you can control via a mobile app. It has a maximum power release of 22 kW and a Type 2 charging head. The device made of durable and lightweight plastic material and has a premium design.

Get Your Perfect Pick from These Top 3-10 EV Chargers

Looking for the perfect EV Chargers can be a daunting task, but fear not, as we have done the hard work for you. 

Our team of experts has curated a comprehensive list of the top 3-10 that are sure to impress.

EV3-AC3-22 IoT

3. EV3-AC3-22 IoT

Charging system. The system operates on a 3-phase power system with 32A and 50Hz. It has an output power of 22 kW with a Type 2 connector and a cable length of 7 meters. The system has protection against residual current 6 mA DC (RCM) and has a local status display for system on, connect, charge, and error.
HACO-EVC-7.4K/S Gray

4. HACO-EVC-7.4K/S Gray

Electric vehicle charger with a 7.4 kW output and a 5-meter cable length. It has rugged materials that protect against water and impact. It features an emergency button for quick convenience and a status symbol indicating working status. The charger uses Type 2 connectors and can connect via Bluetooth, 4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, RS485, or PLC.
Brand Enel x juice box

5. Brand Enel x juice box

Enel X JuiceBox is a smart charger from the United States that you can view through a mobile application called "EV JuiceNet." It has a maximum power of 22kW 32A when installed in a Three Phase and comes with a 7-meter Type2 charging cable.
Power Xpert EVX Smart Home

6. Power Xpert EVX Smart Home

The EATON Charger is a single-phase AC electric vehicle charger that is designed for home use. It has intelligent controls that can be managed through a mobile app and comes with a Type 2 charging cable. It can be installed either on the wall or floor and has wireless communication capabilities through WiFi and Bluetooth.
EV Charger Smart Mini 22kW

7. Charger Smart Mini 22kW

Electric car charger designed to be mounted on a wall. It supports three-phase mode and has a maximum power output of 22 kW. The charger can be connected to an application via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and supports Card RFID Charger Head Type1/2. The charger has a CE, IAF, TUV, and IK08 certification, and an IP65 rating.
EV Charger Wallbox

8. Charger Wallbox

The BESEN Electric Vehicle Charger BS20 Mode C. It is available in both Single Phase and Three Phase modes and can be installed on either a wall or stand. It has a Mode C with plug, CE certified, and has an IP Rating of IP66. The rated voltage is 230VAC ±10% / 380VAC ±10% and the rated current is 16/32A.
BESEN EV Charger BS20-BC-7KW

9. BESEN Charger BS20-BC-7KW

The charger body includes a 6.1-meter Type 2 charging cable and a 3.5-inch LCD display screen. It is designed for easy use, with automatic voltage control and compatibility with all electric car brands. The charger has IP66 protection and a maximum output current of 32A, 1 phase. It measures 295 x 195 x 65 mm and weighs approximately 7 kg, and can used outdoors.
EV Charger Teison Portable Pro 3.8kW

10. Charger Teison Portable Pro 3.8kW

This sentence describes a portable electric vehicle (EV) battery charger called the Teison Portable Pro 16A 3.8kW Type 2. The charger easy to use and can adjust the charging current up to 16A with a single button. Its design elegant and features a diamond cut shape for added strength and durability. The control box is made of polycarbonate material and has a temperature limit for safety. The charger has a 1.8" color LCD display that provides detailed charging information and an indicator light that shows the charging status. It can adjust the current in several levels and safe with a residual current device (RCD) Type A AC30mA and Type B DC6mA. It is waterproof and dustproof with IP65 and IK08 standards, and the TPU cable is 5 meters in length. The charger certified for quality and standards by TUV & CE.

Tips before buying EV Chargers for you

These include assessing your charging needs, ensuring compatibility with your EV, considering the charging location, reviewing the features such as Wi-Fi connectivity and smart charging, comparing prices, and checking for warranty and customer support. By following these tips, you can choose an appropriate charger that fits your needs, budget, and offers a convenient charging experience.

Find the Answers You Need : EV Chargers FAQ

Which are The Best 5 EV Chargers of the Year 2023
According to our research, these 5 EV Chargers are the best.
  1. Schneider EVlink Pro AC 22kW
  2. Egrand EV Charger AC wallbox 22 kW
  3. EV3-AC3-22 IoT
  4. HACO-EVC-7.4K/S Gray
  5. Brand Enel x juice box
What types of EV chargers are available?

There are three types - Level 1, Level 2, and DC fast chargers. Level 1 chargers use a standard household outlet and take several hours to charge an EV. Level 2 chargers require a dedicated circuit and provide faster charging rates, while DC fast chargers use direct current and can charge an EV in as little as 30 minutes.

Can I install an EV charger at home?

Yes, you can install a charger at home. However, you may need to check with an electrician to ensure that your home's wiring and electrical capacity can support the charger's requirements.

The Final Step : Making a Confident Decision Before Buying EV Chargers

Investing in a EV Chargers is a big decision that requires careful consideration. With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to determine which product or service is the right fit for your needs. This is why the final step in buying process is so important: it’s when you make your decision with confidence.